Lesbian Sparks Start Warm Fires

When it happens, there is no doubt in your mind. You meet her and she gets your jokes and makes an effort to understand your words that paint a picture of your journey. Her lips speak poetry and her body floats on waters blue that sparkle bright with seductive promises. The Universe has sent you a gift to be treasured. Now it’s up to you to figure out how to honor this precious offering.

The beginning is easy. All those firsts are the stuff of movies; the first date, the first kiss and the first sleepover. What’s not to like, right? There are people who spend their lives in relationships experiencing firsts, only to throw the union away when it gets too hard, after all the firsts become seconds and thirds and routines replace sparks, and often degenerate into ruts.

I’m not pointing fingers. I am guilty of digging in and bricking up my own version of rut living, somehow justifying my boredom as grownup living. My mother’s words float around in my head, haunting me as the worst possible scenarios that could happen…”You’re dreaming. You need to settle down and find a nice man to take care of you before you get too old. Life isn’t about having fun. You should get a steady job with benefits, instead of always chasing some pie in the sky dream. A woman will never commit to you like a man will.” On bad days, I actually consider her words and doubt my resolve to live an authentic life that is out of step with what most people consider a “normal” way to exist.

All my doubts disappear with one spark from a lesbian connection. Now, that’s power. Even in this hot summer weather, I still long for the heat from a lesbian spark. Nothing breathes life into my bones like the recognition I see in “her” eyes. I want to crawl in her skin and breathe in her essence, swaying with the rhythm of her gait while dancing to the beat of her heart.

Carpe romance when it appears at your door.

Word Grl




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