Missing Xena

The mention of the name Xena brings me back to a simpler time, before mass shootings and terrorism were a way of life in this country. Granted, I knew bad things happened in faraway places before 9/11. I had the decency to recognize that fact and feel terrible about it, without the horror of it staying in my head all the time like some barely audible electronic hum that continues to irritate you for years with no relief in sight.

Our culture seems more focused on the horror of these things than on contemplating the cause and admitting our own hand in those broken relationships that breed such contempt and violence. If peace and love beget peace and love, then we must decide where the breakdown is and own our part in it, taking steps to build bridges instead of walls. I know…I have turned to clichés for my argument. But, in my defense, sometimes clichés hold nuggets of truth. Please, somebody stop me before I get stuck in this mode.

What was exciting about Xena Warrior Princess and her world was that the good guys and bad guys were so recognizable. These days I feel like life has become so gray that I believe that people in this country are having a difficult time distinguishing the good guys from the bad guys. As I watch the presidential election and see Trump running as President, I have to wonder if a large segment of our society has truly lost their mind.

Hillary does not make me feel much better. While I generally give women more of my attention, expecting them to be the voice of compassion and practicality, I am left distrusting her. With Clinton’s obvious connections to Wall Street and her absolute arrogance as it relates to her irresponsible handling of emails and her lack of passion to make any real change, I don’t view Hillary as one of the good guys either. I see her as the lesser of two evils, but a sellout just the same.

The problem is, I grew up watching TV and going to the movies as my favorite way to unwind and escape. As a lesbian, it is probably no surprise to anyone, that Xena stood out as my favorite “all-time” fighter of evil. I miss that clarity. Label me nostalgic, but I long for a hero or heroine that stands  outside of the political fray brandishing a sword, or maybe a book to take down the evil doers. (I know – nerd alert)

Xena and Gabrielle live large in my mind as what I like best about women and life in general. We all need a complement, to soften us or toughen us up as we move about in the world. Depending on the day, I can fall on either side of that equation. I have been lucky enough to spend time with a few Xenas and Gabrielle-types myself. The best women I know embody strength and sweetness wrapped up in stylish thick glasses and intellectual wit.

I know I have wandered all over the place in this blog. Thank God nobody is grading me on sticking with my title or supporting my arguments with clear statements to back up my suppositions. It is no surprise that I love poetry too. The less structure the better. Academics beware.

I’ll stop whining now like an old geezer who wants easier choices. Can’t we simply ask the good guys to wear white and the bad guys to wear black so we know what to expect. It would be so helpful.

Carpe the next Xena when she shows up in your life.

Wordy Grl

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