Resist the Gravitational Pull of Bad Love

After the novelty wears off after “leaving your girlfriend” for all the logical reasons that made sense at the time, it is important to resist the urge to revisit the crime scene. There will be a night when you are missing her. You’ll think about the way you always ordered pizza and watched Netflix together on hot summer nights, and you’ll have to fight the insane urge to pick up your phone. It happens. Be prepared.

That’s when you need to remember why you left. Remember the words she threw at you like daggers aiming straight for your heart, and the look of hate in her cold dark eyes that chilled you to the bone. That memory will give you the courage you need to look forward and not backwards.

You have to use what you’ve got to keep your emotions in check. If you’re like me, my emotions rule me far too often. Try as I might, I am very sensitive and tend to suffer from noticing absolutely every thing, both good and bad. When I am missing her, I focus on sweet moments in time like the way she cocks her head at me when she teases me, the way she holds her fork with her pinky out in a dainty little pose, the little curls that dance on her neck after she showers.  On good days, I can be logical and write down the pros and cons of our situation. But there’s something about the evenings that always challenge my resolve.

Like a ping pong ball on steroids, I have been back and forth with my last girlfriend. I have always gone back in the past. We would kiss and make up, and then it would happen again. There is a point of no return though, when you can’t justify another chance to let her treat you like dirt again, to abuse you, to scream at you, or to demean you.  You can’t justify letting her take her anger out on you again. Abuse is never acceptable.

Carpe the opportunity to save yourself from madness. I know this sounds preachy, but your self respect hangs in the balance, and nobody is more important than you are, to you. Take care of the beauty that is you, and never let anybody tell you that you are less than a creature of God’s making who deserves respect and love!

Wordy Grl



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